New Season New Hairstyle

Blonde…Red…Brown…oh the choices one has to make! This Saturday I’m scheduled to get my hair done and as of yet don’t know which way to go. When Spring was first approaching I swore I would go red simply due to it looking gorgeous with the color yellow and that was my chosen go-to color for the new season. Add to that my absolute fascination with Christiana Hendriks who has the most gorgeous hair color around.

Now with Spring in full swing and sunny days starting to shine through (finally) I’m looking towards the *next* season, SUMMER! My mind always wanders to thoughts of suntans and beaches and sand and well, blonde hair. That is how I visualize myself even though 3 kids later my hair hasn’t exactly complied with such. Amazing the changes that occur from head to toe once you have children… but that is a whole other blog post. 😉

So what will it be? Shall I take the plunge and say “make me a blonde again please” or find solace with my brunette self and simply enhance those flavors? Or will I really make a splash in my photos and brave red hair for the first time ever in my life? Stay tuned…
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