Weekly Wonders

I’ve been wanting to put together a feature that showcases all of the wonderful finds I’ve encountered throughout the week. I realize that I could simply tap into my obsession with pinterest and find a suitable board for housing these treasures but I didn’t think that would suffice. So with that I bring you my Weekly Wonders and will create a new list of delightful finds each and every Friday. Enjoy!

Pressed flowers used in any creation are divine. This Red & Cream Roses bangle caught my eye while I was exploring Etsy and I thought it could make a great gift for any special chica in your life.  Spotted Dog Farm is one of my new favorite boutiques!

While I was creating a Coachella pinboard for ThreadsenceI couldn’t help but give in to all of the items in their Aztec Empire collection.  Suddenly I was searching for all things fringe. This trend is popping up everywhere for Summer essentials too and I love it.

Circle scarves are one of my favorite accessories. They are simple in nature but still have the ability to transform an outfit. Thanks to another wonderful tutorial from A Beautiful Mess I can now create a unique scarf by way of resist dying. (aka tie-dyeing) Just yesterday I was throwing out ideas for an afternoon Summer craft party and decided that tie-dying maxi dresses + creating the perfect sundae should be placed on the calendar pronto!

Thanks to the Sephora Color Wash Contest I’ve discovered a new fascination with yellow. Now that Spring has sprung and thoughts of Summer are swirling around in my head, I’ve been so in love with the sun.  This prompted me to choose the color yellow as my focus for the contest board and it has been so fun putting it together. Try doing a search on your favorite color through pinterest if you haven’t already… the finds are out of this world!


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